Cumberland County

Mermaid Jubilee

Gamedate: Friday, August 19th, 1960
Brit D
Dana S

Jubilee strikes Cumberland Bay, flooding the shore with sea creatures. Brit, the owner of the Papa Squat Diner and her elven hunter Dana head down to the shore to stock up on seafood. Epsi, the gnomish vegetarian from up north, heads down to try and save the sea creatures.
Brit scoops up a bucket full of sea creatures and takes them back to her diner. Dana attempts to fish with arrows on a string, but isn’t able to catch anything. Epsi wades in and tosses the creatures back out and tries to scare them out into deeper water.

Caught up in the rush of sea creatures is a mermaid. The group heads out to rescue her from a giant crab. Dana misses and hits the mermaid. She’s wounded but is knocked from the crab’s grasp. Brit retrieves a flamethrower and light’s the crab on fire. While it scuttles off into deep water, the group heals the mermaid. When the crab returns, it is down in torrent of arrows and fire. Epsi chastises the group for their violence and attempts to convince the mermaid to go vegetarian.

In gratitude for saving her, the mermaid takes Brit and Dana on a voyage across the ocean floor exploring wrecks. When they find an angler fish, Brit is drawn in by it’s luring light and it attacks. With punches and eye gouging, they fend it off and continue to Silver Cove, they find a sunken pirate ship, guarded by an eel. Dana stabs in with and arrow and chases it off. Brit cloaks the ship, preventing the eel from returning. Inside they find a barrel of arrows, which Dana straps to her back to use as a quiver, and a hookshot which Brit takes.

Tired from the long day, they return home.


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