Claude Verniel

Gene D.'s Cajun Halfling deputy for Drew S.'s "Cumberland County" scenario


Player Character: “Claude Verniel”
Role-Player: Gene D.
Scenario: Drew S.’s “Cumberland County” Southern fantasy, using Roll for Shoes
Date created: Boston area, 12 October 2014/“20 August 1960 A.D./C.E.


  • Do anything: 1d6
  • Prowess 2d6
  • Gift of Gab 2d6

XP: 1


  • Car, beat-up pickup (with accessories for Hobbits)
  • Cooking implements, including a meat cleaver and knives

Claude Verniel was born about 35 years ago to a modest family of Cajun Halflings in the bayou. He pursued training to be a chef in the big city, but he encountered intolerance and elitism. Fortunately, he’s stubborn and not easily discouraged from his dream of opening his own restaurant that serves classics as well as modern dishes.

Unfortunately, his cousin Jacques tends to get into trouble and has become a low-level enforcer for organized crime. In addition, Claude is wooing Chantal Dejardin, an idealistic reporter who dreams of becoming a popular writer.

Once he is deputized to help local law enforcement, Claude takes his job seriously, but wonders how it will help him get that restaurant….

Player Characters for Drew S.’s “Cumberland County” Southern fantasy, using Roll for Shoes, autumn 2014:

  • Claude Verniel [Gene D.]-male Halfling chef, deputy
  • Virgil [Beruk A.]-male Half-Orc moonshiner
  • Danny Taggert [Bruce K.]-male human hot-rod enthusiast, deputy sheriff
  • Fr. Ezekiel Harkness [Rich C.G.]-male human minister and snake handler, with triplet daughters, Faith, Hope, and Charity
  • Thadius Cobb [Brian S.]-male human conspiracy theorist

Claude Verniel

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