Beruk A: Half-Orc moonshiner


Do Anything 1
Smell 2
Sight 2
Football 2

Has both a 1950 Studebaker El-Camino truck


and a Triumph Tiger Motorbike.


Although how he got both vehicles, no one really asks.

And a few guns, weapons and stuff.


Former moonshiner, now a deputy sheriff.

Virgil grew up in the swamps with his kin who for generations made moonshine and other medicinal supplies, as well as hunt (some say poach) and also did other duties. Although as rough and tumble as his full blood orc kin, he always knew he was a bit out of place. He went on to actually finish school and could read some, but never excelled in school outside of playing some football, until he got banned for unnecessary roughness (hey bones break and the neck is a bone). After never really fitting in school or at home, signed up for the army just in time for the Korean war (nothing gets you in touch with your Orcish roots the blood and battle). However, after his first half-dozen confirmed kills, it all seemed pointless, especially after his court martial. When he went back home, made a few runs of shine and got busted by the sheriff, the sheriff realizing he could use some more muscle and a go between him and the swamp orcs, gave him a shot as a deputy. So far, it’s kind of working out… far.


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