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  • Mermaid Jubilee

    Gamedate: Friday, August 19th, 1960 Players: [[:brit-d | Brit D]] [[:dana-s | Dana S]] [[:epsi | Epsi]] Jubilee strikes Cumberland Bay, flooding the shore with sea creatures. Brit, the owner of the Papa Squat Diner and her elven hunter Dana head …

  • Devil's Checkers

    Game Date: September 10th, 1960 Players: [[:claude-verniel | Claude Verniel]] Gene D [[:danny-taggert | Danny Taggert]] Bruce K [[:father-ezekiel-harkness | Father Ezekiel Harkness]] Rich G [[:thadius-cobb | Thadius Cobb]] Brian S [[:virgil | Virgil …

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    h2. Welcome to Cumberland County Cumberland Country is a small country in the heart of the Deep South. Loosely inspired by Mobile Bay in southern Alabama, it is on the edge of the Bayou and full of all kinds of fantasy creatures and races. Ruleset: …

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    [[Roll for Shoes Rules | Roll for Shoes Rules]] h3. Cities [[New Jacksonville | New Jacksonville]]

  • New Jacksonville

    Largest city in Cumberland County. Headquarters of the sheriff's department.

  • Roll for Shoes Rules

    http://story-games.com/forums/discussion/11348/microdungeons-i-roll-to-see-if-i-have-shoes-on/p1 * Say what you do and roll a number of d6s. * If the sum of your roll is higher than the opposing roll (either another player or the DM), the thing you …

  • Danny Taggert

    Danny Taggert – Human – non magical - 26 year old Deputy. Danny is a local southern boy – grew up in town. Son of the local garage owner – Otis Taggert. Danny loves cars and has been hot rodding cars since he was 15 – he has a yellow 32 Ford hot …

  • Father Ezekiel Harkness

    Age: 36 Runs the only Catholic church in Cumberland County. Has triplet 16 year old daughters named Faith, Hope, and Charity.

  • Virgil

    Former moonshiner, now a deputy sheriff. Virgil grew up in the swamps with his kin who for generations made moonshine and other medicinal supplies, as well as hunt (some say poach) and also did other duties. Although as rough and tumble as his full …